If only it were that simple.

But even if every filing cabinet and desk drawer had a search button, you’d still have a lot of issues to deal with when it comes to document management. Why not simplify with a solution that not only makes your documents accessible to you and your whole team, it also organizes, protects and saves time?

Hit the easy button

There’s just no good reason for not organizing your paperwork in a manageable, convenient and safe method. An electronic document management system (EDMS) solution is simple, effective and affordable. Find a provider that can set you up with a non-proprietary, robust system that can address all your needs.  At Advanced Digital Technology, we make lives easier with a number of products and services that save time and money. Heck, we’ll even pick up your documents at your office, scan and file them, then return them. All in one day.  Easy peasy.

Unlock the full power of search.

Scanning and storing your documents electronically enables you and your staff  to easily categorize, store, access, protect and preserve content. And with our  proprietary Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, you can also  find specific content within a document. Even arbitrary bits of information.

Faster search = more time for the important stuff

Who has time to root through filing cabinets, closets, desk drawers, offices and warehouses? With electronically scanned and filed documents, you no longer need to wade through stacks and piles of paperwork that may, or may not, be in the place you thought it was. The right system can free you  from having to worry about where documents exist, who can access them and more. What used to take you 30 minutes to find can now be accessed in 30 seconds. Bonus – you and your staff can now spend your time  focusing on bigger fish.

It’s time to get organized

When you electronically scan and file your documents, your life will become instantly better. But how do you know if an electronic document management system (EDMS) is right for you? And if it is, when is it  time to make the switch? Any one of several tipping points can trigger the conversion from paper to paperless. Maybe you’ve run out of physical space to store them. Or documents have been destroyed or are missing.  Maybe you just don’t have the staff or time to hunt down documents. Whatever the reason, there’s no time like the present to electronically and store your content. And guess what, once you have the ability to organize, store, locate and access documents as you can with our docSilo system, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

If You’re Not Scanning Your Documents, You’re 
Swimming In ThemIf You’re Not Scanning Your Documents, You’re Swimming In Them
Too Much PaperFree Your Office from the Tyranny of Too Much Paper!

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