You probably don’t have to be told that business documents have a way of overtaking your workspace. Slowly, methodically, they multiply and begin to take over. Soon, you find yourself being held hostage by reams and stacks of work orders, receipts, notes and more. Seems like no matter where you turn, there’s another wave of paper waiting to take you under. And it’s not just about the space. It’s about your time. Efficiency. And your money.

First thing to scan is your situation

Take a look around. If your file cabinets are bulging, breakrooms, storage areas, common space, closets and work spaces are filling up with documents, it’s time to consider a document scanning/document storage solution.  Free yourself and your staff from the hassle of trying to find or file important paperwork.

So what kind of document conversion solution should you be looking for?

There are many options out there. Desktop scanners with document feeders, hybrid scanning, in-house scanning, outsource scanning and more. Here are a few important considerations.

Cut the clutter

Set your offices and internal areas free by transferring paperwork to digital storage. Your employees will thank you. And you can use your space for what it was originally intended for instead of an unsightly repository for stacks of paper.

Spend your time with people not paper

How often have you been sucked down a rabbit hole looking for a receipt or records or some other document that you can’t quite place. Ever had this conversation with yourself; ‘Let’s see, I think what I’m looking for is in the beige filing cabinet in the auxiliary meeting room. Or is it in the cardboard box in the main office?’ If so, it’s probably time to find a solution that provides a full range of products and services.

Better accessibility

Electronic document storage allows for quick and easy access. There’s no limit to how many can get to the information at one time. The right scanning solution allows for quick and easy sharing of documents and key information. Employees know exactly where the paperwork is, how to get to it, and can use it day or night. You can share invoices, receipts and records with customers and clients without the hassle of printing and mailing. Even legal or regulatory requirements  can be addressed quickly and simply. No more spending valuable time hunting the backroom vaults for the right document. It’s all there at the click of your keyboard.

Preserve and protect

Traditional paper documents have a way of aging and getting damaged over time. Electronic scanning and storage eliminates the wear and tear. The legibility of important documents is preserved. Plus, the right system allows you to protect confidential information, assign accessibility to whomever you choose, and keep track of file activity.

Disaster free

Electronic document storage takes Mother Nature and unexpected, uncontrollable events out of the picture. No longer do you need to fear for the safety of your documents from weather, fire, natural disasters or Jimmy in inventory who decided the paperwork wasn’t necessary anymore and tossed it into the dumpster. Everything captured digitally can be easily protected, backed up and reproduced.

Leaner, cleaner and a whole lot greener

Scanning and digitizing paperwork can actually help save our planet. With the average office worker still using over 10,000 pieces of paper annually and corporations spending more than $120 billion on paperwork every year, the time is here to make the transition. And you can make an impact by initiating your own in-house scanning practice.

It’s simple – you need to simplify

Find someone who not only offers the tools and services you need but someone who can help you assess what you need if you don’t know. The goal should be an end-to-end document management solution.

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