Outsource Scanning

We provide the complete process for legacy and current file scanning providing a smooth and secure transition from paper documents to electronic files. Document scanning services bridges the gap between the paper document and the fully electronic file. We offer pick-up and delivery services to retrieve your active paper files and convert them to electronic files with turnaround times as fast as 1 business day if needed

ADT has built vast intellectual equity around broad markets and the specific application sets within them.

Outsourcing isn’t just conversion of paper into digital images any longer.

It’s no secret that outsourcing business-critical operations and tasks increases productivity, reduces costs and financial exposure due to lost files. What’s not as well known is that organizations today are outsourcing specific applications, groups of related applications and complete infrastructures. That requires the expertise that we deliver for optimal performance.

We are experts in using all available technologies to provide the best end-to-end solution for your specific applications.

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Custom Application Interfaces

Advanced Digital Technology maintains a programming staff that provides customized software utilities to interface to user applications systems.

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Image Enabling

docSilo Image Enabling permits legacy business applications to connect to docSilo allowing valuable image and business data to be seamlessly linked. The power of docSilo Image Enable allows users to stay in the legacy program that they are accustomed to using and simply click to retrieve image data linked to related information.

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Workflow Solutions drive both electronic and scanned paper documents into the flow of your enterprise-wide business processes, enhancing productivity and optimizing efficiencies. docSilo starts the Workflow process when new documents are added to the document repository by a set of predetermined rules you design. Triggered email notifications can ensure prompt action and simplify supervision. System workflows can be established entirely through configuration of business rules, or users can be asked to make decisions based on the documents or forms presented to them. Design simple or complex workflow that route documents minimizing the error of handling and maximizing the speed and efficiency of business documents within your organization.

Transform your current business processes into digital workflows. Each workflow can involve as many steps as you need, and you can trigger additional workflow at any stage in a document’s life cycle. You can perform any number of actions on a document as part of the workflow, from changing its security access to automatically assigning metadata. In addition to routing documents from one user to the next, you can choose from a variety of other distribution options, such as routing documents to groups, parallel routing and conditional looping.

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Data Entry

This service is very similar to data capture, addresses the need to capture data from content when no automated form of processing will do the job to the level of accuracy required. We provide the staff and software necessary to capture the required data from any non-machine readable content and delivery in any output format required by the customer.

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Searchable PDF

As part of the output process, scanned documents can be processed with OCR software, producing a machine reading text version of the original scanned image. This permits native document application presentation programs (such as PDF readers / editors) to search through text for arbitrary strings of information. OCR works with machine produced text documents. To support OCR requires conversion to be performed at resolutions of at least 300 DPI.