The dealerSilo Advantage

dealerSilo can provide a cost effective end-to-end solution for your automotive dealership.

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dealerSilo™ allows you to access your documents from anywhere in the world. Simply point your web browser to our secure web app, enter your username and password and search the database to retrieve your documents. Once the document is displayed on your computer, you can view, print, save and send it as an e-mail attachment within your own e-mail system or the integrated email in dealerSilo™.

Key Advantages

DMS Independent

Maintains all data in a non-proprietary format

No conversion or exit costs

Allows you to easily archive, retrieve, e-mail, and review your files

Provides a secure and powerful, yet simple, web-based file management solution

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What sets dealerSilo™ apart is our full-service capabilities and existing document conversion infrastructure. With our proven experience and architecture dealerSilo can provide a cost effective end-to-end solution for your automotive dealership.

Immediate Benefits

Increase Compliance

Eliminate lost and misfiled documents

Save time and money

Staff has instant access to files

Disaster Recovery System Natural or man-made (i.e. lawsuits)

Electronic Files are legally accepted as the original

Eliminates filing, retrieving and purging costs

Automotive paperwork

Automotive dealerships are burdened with large volumes of paperwork. These files need to be stored, maintained and retrieved for many years. Document Management is the practice of digitizing, indexing and electronically archiving original paper documents for easy storage and retrieval. Dealerships are turning to this technology to manage their documents more efficiently.

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Outsource – Conversion Solution

Advanced Digital Technology offers full service scanning solutions for clients that want to outsource and convert their critical documents and records into digital format.

In addition to providing scanning and imaging services in our state-of-the-art conversion center.

We use the top technologies in the industry to ensure the highest quality and most productive conversions possible for our clients.

Enhanced Exception Reporting

Advanced Digital Technology sets up an automatic DMS data import that matches with the scanned documents in dealerSilo. The dealerSilo Exception Report mitigates risks by quickly identifying unscanned documents. dealerSilo provides dealerships insight to what documents have not been captured.

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OCR with Match and Attach

State of the art OCR technology automatically populates document titles while scanning. The data from your DMS is then matched and attached to each corresponding scanned document. Most importantly, saving you from excessive data entry and potential human error. Image enhancement software ensures scans are legible and clean.

In-House Hybrid Solution

Our hybrid solution allows organizations to capture their files on-site. We provide the scanner, software and dealerSilo™ online document management system.

The hybrid approach of desktop scanning can provide a significant cost savings by leveraging existing full time employees; accelerating processing times, increasing efficiency, and availability of your documents anywhere with dealerSilo™

The hybrid package includes a complete state of the art automated solution. Including OCR, auto index capture, processing, image enhancement and secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) upload to your dealerSilo™ secure document repository. ADT’s monthly subscription based fee provides an ideal solution for businesses looking to improve operational efficiencies at the lowest possible life cycle cost.

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Dealership Benefits

Automotive dealerships face greater challenges than ever before. Operating costs and government regulations continue to increase. Streamlining operations to optimize efficiency, increase sales and eliminating financial exposure are critical for continued growth and the maximization of profitability.

The increasing challenges and significant benefits for document imaging, combined with the inherent inefficiencies of traditional business models create compelling reasons for automotive dealerships to implement Advanced Digital Technology’s dealerSilo™ and scanning solutions.

Paper driven processes and increased regulatory compliance burden auto dealership resources. By digitizing, standardizing, and automating processes dealerSilo™ enables your dealership to run more cost effectively and increases profitability.