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Corporate Info

ADT specializes in providing its clients with non proprietary solutions that address both information and document management needs. From small businesses to the Fortune 500, our solutions create value. Our clients are in the automotive, music, payroll services, entertainment, banking, financial services, distribution, and advertising businesses.

ADT is an innovative full service information and document management solutions company with corporate offices located in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1989, ADT established itself as a customer focused, value added supplier of content management solutions. Our business successes are derived from providing unprecedented levels of service and satisfaction to our clients. Combining the most contemporary and non-proprietary inventory of industry standards, resulting in the customization of applied application tailored technology tool sets.

The ADT Advantage

What sets Advanced Digital Technology apart is our existing document conversion infrastructure and our full-service capabilities.

With years of combined sales, product/software development, implementation and service experience in the data and document imaging industry, Advanced Digital Technology can fulfill all of your document management requirements with this feature rich and price competitive offering.

ADT can host your application, outsource it, deliver a turnkey solution or any hybrid approach. We will consult with you to find the most effective solution to meet your specific goals. Our solutions enable you the ability to deploy a state of the art platform that requires minimal start up costs and resources, and is a no risk decision for your organization.

Advanced Digital Technology – the right people, the right approach, making technology work.

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